From Donors

Have you successfully solicited an item? Congratulations! Do you have something you want to donate? Great! But what's next? You can

fill out this form

and the Una Noche crew will take care of entering the item into the auction database.

Did the donor give you a gift certificate or something similar? If it's an electronic certificate, email it to the . If it's a physical certificate, drop it off in the PTA box and make sure it has "Una Noche" and your name on the envelope. And let us know!

From Fabulous You!

Everyone has a talent they can put to use for Dolores Huerta! Wonderful World of Huerta is a great way to contribute. Parents and our community can donate services like bike-riding or art lessons, babysitting, baking a cake or leading a hike.

If you have a service to donate or need help figuring one out, contact the .